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Everything around in the nature. The energy we're surrounded in and out. The whole universe is contained in a single human being. You are made of everything that's out in the nature. You're a part of it. Life is within you.  We're only able to experience everything outside is because the experience is happening within. It's the truth and just a mere thought of it makes me feel so overwhelmed. Nature is the biggest creation, it holds such divine powerful energy and you're a part of it. It's just a feeling hard to express in words. Its so magical and that inspires me to paint. 


Kanak's Story

Kanak was born in an Asian country, India. India has the world's largest collection of Art in its different forms like music, dance, writing, painting 
etc. Growing in the artistic rich grounds, Kanak displayed her art skills from a very young age. Her family members, teachers and friends appreciated her works which motivated her to keep creating. She told that her mother taught her how to hold the brush and got her to start painting when she was a little kid. Her Father used to buy her all the art materials. She was totally involved into art and craft along with her two close sisters who used to be her partner in creating innovative crafts, sculptures and paintings. Talented sisters also belong to art field one being a fashion designer and the other a dancer. She always had this dream to have an art studio and own her Art gallery. She knew she was meant to be an artist so she decided to study at Milan art institute based in Georgia. She is now a professional artist creating artworks in her style and selling her paintings worldwide. 

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Kanak is passionate about empowering and inspiring every human life to fulfill their dreams. She believes everyone has the strength and power to bring heaven on Earth. From her magical and nature inspired artworks she wants to radiate divine energy to everyone who look at them. She quotes "We are one with the nature, aligned with the divine and we can bring transformation inside and out." Kanak has a unique style in paintings which can be described as abstract realism with magical and dreamy aesthetic to them. 

Kanak spends majority of her time to develop her skills and her unique style and continue to explore new techniques, different mediums and colours to create expressive mixed media and oil paintings.  She is looking forward to create new possibilities for everyone and spread love, light, beauty, hope and magic into the world.

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Creative Process

Her painting style is abstract mixed with realism. She starts with an abstract background and pull off composition from there, working with acrylics first and finishing with oils. She is experienced in multiple mediums and versatile thematic compositions. She paints with mediums like Inks, Charcoal, Oil pastels, Acrylics And Oil Paints. She uses different techniques to pull out a unique style and strong voice in her works. 

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